Sigurd (シグルズ, Shiguruzu?) is a servant able to be summoned by the Protagonist in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Sigurd is known as the Greatest Hero of Northern Europe who possessed Gram in the Völsunga Saga. Similiar in origin and legend to Siegfried, even described as Sigurd (Siegfried) (シグルズ(ジークフリート), Shiguruzu (Jīkufurīto)?) in Der Ring des Nibelungen.[1] A legend of a knight equal to that of King Arthur.

Gram is also attributed as the origin of Balmung and said to have appeared as Balmung in the later Der Ring des Nibelungen.[2][3] Sigurd was said to have received the shattered fragments of the sword Gram a chosen sword of appointment lodged in the mighty tree within the halls of king Völsung of the Völsung clan that was originally pulled out by his father who wielded it, Sigmund, and reforged it anew into a cursed demonic sword capable of killing even a dragon.[4] He later took the Valkyrie Brynhildr, sleeping encircled by flame, as his wife, but betrayed her by presenting her as his brother-in-law's wife due to having lost his memories after drinking a special alcohol. Although she accepted the events as her immutable fate, she later learned he had already regained his memories by that point, eventually killing him through a conspiracy and taking her own life to follow after him.[1] His story is called one of both glory and ruin befitting such a great hero.

Sigurd's legend the "Völsunga saga" came into existence around the 5~6th century at nearly the same time as the “Nibelungenlied”, the story of the hero Siegfried. Wagner's opera "Der Ring des Nibelungen" is a masterpiece work that compiles these legends together.[4] Although Siegfried and Sigurd share similar origins, they are two different existences.[5]


The posthumous child of Hjördís, and King Sigmund of Frakkland who fell in battle against Odin, shattering Gram into fragments with his spear Gungnir. He was sent by King Alf who married his mother to be raised by his blacksmith and teacher, the Dwarf Regin as his foster-father. He personally revived the sword Gram, "the sword of supremacy in the tree", reforging it anew into a demonic sword that was capable of killing even a dragon, becoming renowned as a demonic sword of both ruin and glory. He soon became the everlasting friend of Grani a descendant of Sleipnir; becoming his steed in turn. As he avenged his father, by defeating the armies that joined King Hunding. Soon becoming a long time military man of valor and then a dragonslayer by slaying the dragon Fafnir unabated. As he obtained the wisdom of the gods and power, by devouring the dragon’s heart after beheading his foster-father Regin who tried to take Fafnir's hoard.[6]

Later in his life he rode forth to the top of the summit on Mt. Hindarfjall, an inhuman devil cave; bravely riding through the flame with his steed to reach her. He came before her, cutting off her mythril armor with Gram. From that act she awakened from her long sleep, but questions him why is he doing this. He should have already knew of the prophecy from his uncle. In which is that if both of them were to meet each other, ruin would await upon both of them in the future. He replied that, he knew of it and is doing this act because he’s only doing what has to be done. As love and emotion are not necessary for him; his plan was to go against the prophecy only to save her and not love her then. Brynhildr felt glad, but at the same time she felt sadness inside as well, he said this to her that he intends to do just that. But unfortunately he had fallen in love with her in first sight, giving her a smile, Brynhildr felt her heart go. As the smile he gave her in which pierced her very center. He then proposed to her, taking her as his wife.[6]

After a time they had spent together in their honey moon, she taught him the original runes she had learnt from her father Odin, as time went by he left her to continue his hero's journey until his return. In his journey he had been tricked to drink a special alcohol which was made by Gudrun to have Sigurd forget Brynhildr so he may marry Her. Gunnar, Gudrun's brother desired to marry Brynhildr, so he and Sigurd rode off to meet with her, yet she still loved Sigurd and said only the one who passes the trials shall gain her hand in marriage. Gunther knew he could not do it, so he had asked Sigurd for aid. The one she loved the most in the world; disguising himself with runes in the guise of his brother-in-law's shape. Sigurd rode forth with his steed Grani, proposing to her again in the guise of his brother-in-law, however Brynhildr knew it was Sigurd. Challenging him into a fight, although this was sophistry as Sigurd was already much stronger than her. As a result, he won the fight from the combat skills she provided to him from their time together, presenting her as his brother-in-law's wife. Although she accepted the events as her immutable fate, she later learned he had already regained his memories by that point, but said nothing for the sake of everyone. Eventually she raised her own hand against her beloved one, killing him by slicing him in half while his family and all of his followers were killed as well through a conspiracy as she took her own life to follow after him into the afterlife.[6]


Lancer described his looks as that like those of an ice sculpture who had attractive features. But has a calm expression like he was a demon that was born from a glacier while wearing the Helm of Fafnir inscribed onto his person. His brisk tone icy voice resembled that of his mother's or father's, or that of his foster-father's, who was even more of a wicked strategist than his parents, his form and nature were probably handed down to him from some much distant ancestor; being a descendant of Odin. The looks in his honest eyes can make someone fascinated by them as the color of his gentle eyes gave the impression of a good item to honor gratitude as it shown within the wisdom of the dragon Fafnir with his daring gaze, even a single smile from him made Brynhildr lovestruck, making her very heart go as it pierced her very being.


Truly a hero that was fearless, a being who was not a person standing in line with the earth gallantly, without disdaining his enemy by showing his back to them, without being frugal with gold, and being strict with himself more than anyone, and was more proud-hearted than all of the successive generations of Kings in each land. Expressing no emotion whatsoever even in dire situations, being shown to be stoic as he kept fighting without knowing the love of his mother, father, and foster-father while he took action, taking into account necessity and fairness of the situation at hand to avoid terrible outcomes and benefit everyone with or without their approval.[6]




Fate/Grand OrderEdit

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In Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver Lancer mentions him in her thoughts as her master Nigel Sayward forces her with one of his Command Spells to take in the drug. She goes after Saber to kill him, mistaking him for Sigurd her beloved one from the effects of the miracle drug.

Sigurd is mentioned in Fate/stay night within Gram's Weapon Profile.[3]


In power, and intellect, he excelled the most even among his brothers who spoke of him as an unparalleled hero who far surpassed others in all of his abilities and skills, a man who is praised by all of the people including those that excelled at magic but not only magic as being “The King of Noble Warriors that excels more than anyone." He wields the reforged demonic sword Gram as a peerless swordsman who didn't even show a bit of wavering in skill, whilst wafting an icy presence that resembled frost heaving in his swordplay.[6]

Skilled in Rune Magic enough to disguise himself as his brother-in-law Gunnar as he was was granted the Primordial Runes and taught by Brynhildr during their time together.


Shirow Miwa is the character designer for Sigurd. His design will be revealed for Fate/Grand Order.

Yuuichirou Higashide is the one who created Sigurd as Hikaru Sakurai collaborated with him about the scene between Sigurd and Brynhildr in Act 4 Dear My Hero.


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