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Noble Phantasm
Sikera Ušum
Japanese name: シクラ・ウシュム
Title: Arrogant King's Alcohol
Japanese title: 驕慢王の美酒
Transliteration: Kyōman Ō no Bishu
Owner: Assassin of Red
Type: Anti-Army[1]
Rank: B+[1]
Range: 1-20[1]
Maximum number of targets: 10 people[1]

Sikera Ušum: Arrogant King's Alcohol (驕慢王の美酒シクラ・ウシュム, Kyōman Ō no BishuShikura Ushumu?) is a Noble Phantasm of Semiramis as an assassin. It is a manifestation of her poisoning of her husband, the first murder by poison in record.

Upon activation, the area around and magic cast by Semiramis become poisonous. Against servants with poison resistance or relevant legend, it causes diminished effect; while servants that are hurt or killed by poison take increased damage. Semiramis can alter the poison composition and control chains with sharp end in the process.[1][2]

When Semiramis is within the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, she can even summon creatures of the Phantasmal Species if they have an anecdote related to poison, such as Bašmu.[2]

If summoned without the skill "Double Summoning", this would be her main noble phantasm.[2]


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