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This is a list of major locations in the Nasuverse.



The Atlas Academy is located somewhere among the mountains of Egypt.[1]



Alimango IslandEdit

Arimago Island

Alimango Island (アリマゴ島, Arimago-shima?, localized as "Arimago Island") is a small island with a fishing village consisting of around three hundred families that appears in Fate/Zero. It is undeveloped, with dirt roads and only three or four old, beaten-up vehicles on the entire island. Father Simon runs a local church. Its name means "crab" in Filipino, and it comes from when the island was said to have contained a shrine to a deity of the sea. People left offerings to the deity, and it is said in folktales that a girl looking to feed her sick mother stole them and was divinely punished by being turned into a crab. It is said that those who eat crabs caught on the island will have any disease cured, after the story of the girl's mother finally recovering from her long illness. Far from the town in the jungle, there is a mansion that is said to be built next to the former location of the shrine. People of the town do not go near it due to legends also saying those who go near it too often will be cursed, so Norikata Emiya uses it to practice magecraft in secrecy. The entire population is killed by the Mage's Association and Holy Church after being turned into ghouls by Shirley.



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In Fate/Grand Order, the First Holy Grail happened in Orléans in AD:1431, in the Wicked Dragon Hundred Years War (邪竜百年戦争, Jaryū Hyaku-nen Sensō?). Several locations revealed were:


Orléans (オルレアン, Orurean?) is a city in north-central France. Both Joan of Arc and Gilles de Rais participated in the Hundred Years' War to repel the English in the Siege of Orléans.

It is also the main headquarters of Gilles de Rais and Joan Alter.


Einzbern Castle Germany

The Einzbern Castle is located in Germany, in a mountain district near a certain river. Jubastacheit is an artificial intelligence made to control the Einzbern Castle, Golem Jubstacheit (ゴーレム・ユーブスタクハイト, Gōremu Yūbusutakuhaito?). It manufactures humanoid golem terminals, and Acht is the eighth generation.[2]



Rome (ローマ , Rōma?) is one of the locations in the Eternal Madness Empire (永続狂気帝国, Eizoku Kyōki Teikoku?) in AD:0060.


Italy Torino

The neatest district of southern Torino (トリノ, ?) of Italy, there is an elegant villa built atop a small hill and the villa is considered to be Tokiomi's secondary residence. This is the location where Kirei Kotomine, Risei Kotomine and Tokiomi Tohsaka discuss about the upcoming Fourth Holy Grail War.



Bucharest is the capital of Romania, formerly known as "Little Paris" during the early twentieth century. The bombs of the World War II, two earthquakes, and the megalomaniacal urban development of the dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu destroyed many of the building of the period. While much of the beauty was lost, many old churches and historically valuable buildings from the old city can be seen travelling on the Calea Victoriei cutting through the city from south to north. As of the Great Holy Grail War, there is a series of murders that causes one newspaper to make a joking title of "The Return of Jack the Ripper?"

Considered another wound carved into the country by the Ceaușescu regime are the "children of Ceaușescu", the destructive legacy of the regime born from its policies. Romania once outlawed contraceptives and abortions, and had attempted to force all families to have at least five children. Many youths were unable to be raised and ended up as street children who delved into lives of crime and human trafficking. While the dictatorship ended in revolution, those lives who were born could not be returned, and they were devoured and scattered by criminal organizations and people of power, surviving by turning from the prey to the predators.

It has nearly six hundred years of history, and it possesses many spiritually powerful leylines suitable for summoning Servants. Using the Stavropoleos Church, the necromancer Kairi Sisigou is best able to summon his Servant.


Sighisoara (シギショアラ, Shigishoara?) is a Romanian provincial city to the northwest of the capital Bucharest. It is the birthplace of Vlad III and his parental home is preserved.[3] It is the closet city to Trifas outside of Yggdmillennia's influence. Closer than Bucharest, it remains a good location for the Red Faction during the Great Holy Grail War until the completion of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

It was formed in the 12th century by a settlement of Saxons, and it is a rare city that displays strong vestiges of the Middle Ages, rare for even within Europe. The old town district in particular is a precious place where buildings from the Middle Ages still remain as they were in the past.[3] The Red Faction uses the Church on the Hill as their base initially. It is a high-up church with a famous dome-roofed staircase said to contain one hundred and seventy-two steps.


Trifas (トゥリファス, Turifasu?) is a city in Transylvania, Romania and main setting of Fate/Apocrypha. It is a small city north of Sighisoara, the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, that has acted as the base of the Yggdmillennia clan since the Middle Ages. Its citadel and part of the city are surrounded by walls built to defend against the invasion of the Turks during the Middle Ages, and they are still perfectly preserved in the modern day. Many of the city's buildings have been repeatedly repaired and reconstructed since they were built in the Middle Ages, making them no less valuable than those in Sighisoara.

The symbol of the city is a large castle upon a small hill, the Fortress of Millennia. The castle has remained under the ownership of Yggdmillennia and not once changed hands through the invasion of the Ottoman Turks, the outbreak of the Black Death, and the explosions of modern war. Despite the hardships that have befallen the city, the fortress and the clan still stand strong. They also employ menial homunculi to perform various chores and patrol the castle while wielding halberds.

The city has a population of twenty thousand, and they thrive mostly around agriculture and textiles. They live in fear of those living in the castle, and though the sights inside, the patrolling soldiers unthinkable in the modern age and statues with glowing eyes, would shock people, the residents of the city would never step inside in the first place. They are forbidden from even stepping outside of their homes whenever the lights of the citadel are lit, and with the advent of the Great Holy Grail War, the lights that had been off for a long period of time are once again bright. They can only pray for the safety of their homes and continue their daily lives.

Trifas was conceived using Sighisoara as a model, while also made so as not to be eye-catching as a tourist attraction in comparison.[3]

United KingdomEdit


For the specific Noble Phantasm, see Avalon.

The land of Avalon as shown in Last Episode of Fate/stay night

Avalon (アヴァロン, Avaron?) is the paradise in the Arthurian legends. It is a small world that was called the Land of the Eternal Spring and the Island of Apples in mythology, the utopia was thought to be derived from the island that produced the "Apple of Immortality" in Greek mythology.[4] It is said that King Arthur and Francis Drake are said to dwell in Avalon and "across the ocean", the city of the dead, and will eventually return to lead England to true glory.[5]

Avalon is somewhere in Britain, but at the same time not in Britain. It is in exactly the same coordinates and takes up the same space, but still nowhere to be found on the “surface” of the planet where humans live. It is located at the Other Side of the World, it is the star of the inland sea and the soul of the planet called Earth. To be precise, it should be called a phase misaligned with multi-dimensions as it lies inside as well as outside after all.

It is a Utopia that may not be granted to beasts which possess wisdom, one that may never be reached. It is a world cut off from the constant decay and destruction of the surface of the planet and, although it is nestled in human history, has no connection to other lands at all. Daytime is filled with spring’s sunshine and the smell of summer; night is wrapped in the autumn air and stars of winter. It is where flowers of all colours bloom on gently sloping plains. A forest can be clearly seen in the far distance, enveloped by the overlooking sky; the view is evenly divided between the sky and the earth. There is no sign of human civilization in the lands. On earth there are countless flowers and bugs; in the forest there is water and green, and ethereally beautiful fairies lurk in the pond. The paradise people imagine is only an imitation of this place. Here, in this un-trodden place, the bounds of a tabooed land (禁足地, kinsoku-chi?) serve as the ends of the island. Though the island has no end, it seems to change like any other land. Further into the island the land turns barren, similar to Britain. It is where fairies got up and went to after the Age of Gods ended.

According to Merlin, the density of Magical energy is too strong. He thought it should not be called a paradise, but it could be better utilized as a weapon instead. He compares the place to a vacuum, simply breathing in it is enough to end up dead. In one breath a human of the current age would burst from inside out.

Once Artoria Pendragon terminated her contract with the World by destroying the Holy Grail by her own will, she goes to Avalon. In the Last Episode, Shirou Emiya was able to reach Avalon and reunite with Artoria.


Aylesbury, England is a countryside village resembling a medieval town with unmatched concrete factories. Though the land was commercially worthless, development funded by V & V Industries (V&Vインダストリィ, V&V Indasutory?) to make a band of factories, even if out of date, has made the village previously in ruin from a declining population into an industrial area. The company is owned Van-Fem of the The Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors, and he has used the area in order to prepare the area for the Aylesbury Valesti ritual. Though both the Mage's Association and Church are monitoring the area, all that has gone into it are legitimate funds and human labor, so they cannot act even if they know it is a farm for the Dead Apostles. So long as that human fairness holds, they cannot act until the supernatural has caused it to collapse.

While there is not a deadlock between all three groups, it can be said there is a careful balance of power. Both the Association and the Church are looking to take over the area on their own without any cooperation, so they are enemies in the conflict. The Association has more firepower than the Church, but magi are fundamentally the same type of existence as Dead Apostles. They share the same craft, but it can be said the Dead Apostles, who have reached a higher level of the supernatural, have the upper-hand against them. The Church specializes in in destroying vampires and can be considered the Ancestors' worst enemy, so they are vying for the Association to quickly overwhelm the Church.



King Arthur's tomb

Glastonbury is a town in England where the Glastonbury Abbey is located. King Arthur's "tomb" is a site at the Abbey.


Fate stay night London


The Mage's Association current headquarters is located in the Clock Tower, London. In Unlimited Blade Works scenerio, Shirou and Rin travelled to London.

Western European PlutocracyEdit

Western European Conglomerate (西欧財閥, Seiō Zaibatsu?).

North AmericaEdit

Present MountainEdit

Present Mountain is the place where Heinrich Zepter fled to.


Snowfield (スノーフィールド, Sunōfīrudo?) is a suburban town in western United States that is the main setting of Fate/strange fake. North of Las Vegas, it is currently a thriving city with a population of 800,000, but it was previously an area home to a scant few indigenous peoples at the beginning of the 20th century. For over one thousand years, it had been the home of Tine Chelc's people, who protected it from settlers until the government and magi joined forces to overrun them to prepare for the False Holy Grail War. Though it was an area that had very few records before then, it rapidly began to develop as a boomtown seventy years ago, and the land went through a complete transformation by the time of the 21st century.

There is a vast ravine north of the city, a dense forest, unusual in such an arid area, to the west of the city, a tract of lakes and marshes east of the city, and a vast desert unfolding south of the city. It does not contain any farmland despite being surrounded by land suited for agriculture, standing out as a strange existence from its surroundings like a "cleft." It is described by some as a town with its sights set on the future, with the correct mixture of the natural and artificial.

The central district of the town appears as grand as New York or Chicago with towering buildings and a pair of six-lane causeways, the city's primary north-south and east-west arterial roads, meeting at a large scramble intersection near the city center. Both roads seem to form a crucifix from above, extending into all four of the surrounding environments. The city hall tower stands as the tallest building, the Center Park contains a fountain and is populated by families mid-day, and the Snowfield Central Hospital is a large, white building that looks like an art museum, furnished with the finest equipment in the city and various specialists.



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Great Cat's VillageEdit

Great Cat's Village

Great Cat's Village (グレートキャッツビレッジ, Gurēto Kyattsu Birejji?), also called GCV and the Cat Kingdom, is the mysterious, unearthly kingdom of cats, home of NEKO Spirits like Neco-Arc. It is an underground kingdom that exists both in the world and nowhere at once, said by some to be the dream of a certain mighty cat. While its size fluctuates from village to cottage to company, it is basically a village.[6] There is also a Great Cats Garden that has crocodiles.[7]

It has a single military unit, Abaddon's Beret, a self-defense force composed of Neco-Arcs specifically chosen for their uncontrollable overflowing savage nature, excellent physical ability, and unmatched intelligence. Though the envy of Neco-Arcs, they are not actually that useful in battle. Neco-Arc Chaos also has his own Dark Chaos Corps.[8]

Land of SteelEdit

Main article: Land of Steel
  • Leaves of Yggdrasil
  • Western Continent
  • Great Rift
  • Witch Swift Umbrella


Main article: Moon

Moon CellEdit

Main article: Moon Cell

Reverse Side of the WorldEdit

The world where Humans currently live including the laws of physics is like a fabric that thinly extends across the surface of the planet. Beneath that fabric exist the planet known as "Earth". On the other hand, the Reverse Side of the World (世界の裏側, Sekai no Uragawa?) is the world as it was before humans lived there, the fabric of the era where Phantasmal Species strode the land. In other words, the Earth is the bottommost layer of the planet, and it is covered by the “Reverse Side of the World”—the place where the laws of the "World" as it once was reigns, and covering that is the "Present World". The Phantasmal race, having understood that the Age of Gods was over, ceded the Earth's surface to humans and moved to this place.[9]

In Fate/Apocrypha, Sieg in his Fafnir dragon form has migrated the Greater Grail to the Other Side of the World. In the Reverse Side of the World, the Holy Grail cannot activate its function of "using the Third Magic". In the first place, that function was for the sake of granting Shirou Kotomine's wish. In other words, it is programmed to target humans, and doesn't count Phantasmal Races as valid targets. Jeanne d’Arc is a Heroic Spirit who, from the start, lost her human body long ago. Because of that, the chances of her reaching the Reverse Side weren't completely zero. However, that is merely the kind of “not zero” like, as a comparison, somehow managing to pass through a wall with the tunnel effect, but the Throne of Heroes where Heroic Spirits exist is cut off from the time axis, so she effectively had an infinite number of attempts to try.[9] Manaka Sajyou encounters Sieg when she sends her consciousness through the "Reverse Side of the World" in Fate/Labyrinth.

Shapeless IsleEdit

The Shapeless Isle (形なき島, Katanaki Shima?) was the home of Stheno, Euryale, and Medusa. It was an island far beyond Oceanus, known only to the three grey witches, the Graeae. With rumors of the beautiful sisters and the monster Gorgon, many were drawn to the island. Some wished to confirm the legends of the Gorgon, some sought glory from slaying it, some were guided by an oracle's prophecy, and others equipped themselves with swords, spears, and bows and arrows to travel there without speaking of it to anyone. None of them returned or even died normally, but instead were turned to stone while alive and had their lives end in that place.


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