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“My power is all for your sake."
"Devour my soul and take flight! Silver meteor!"
"Dead-end... Airgetlám!”


Switch On - Airgetlám: Take Up A Sword, Silver-Colored Arm (剣を摂れ、銀色の腕スイッチオン・アガートラム, Ken wo Tore, Gin'iro no UdeSuicchi On - Agātoramu?) is the Noble Phantasm of Bedivere. While it has the same name as the Divine Construct employed by the Celtic war god, its true identity is that of "the holy sword Excalibur that he failed to return". A constantly active-type Noble Phantasm. By releasing the True Name with the words "Dead End - Airgetlám: Flash, Silver-Colored Arm" (一閃せよ、銀色の腕デッドエンド・アガートラム, Issense yo, Gin'iro no UdeDeddo Endo - Agātoramu?), an Anti-Army extermination attack is performed.[1]


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