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Sword of Boudica: Sword Without Promised Victory (約束されざる勝利の剣ソード・オブ・ブディカ, Yakusokusarezaru Shōri no KenSōdo obu Budika?) is the one-handed sword of Boudica said to be "crowned with the name of 'victory'" like Boudica herself, but it is not a holy sword of the planet that brings promised victory. It is only an "imperfect sword of wishes."[1] The hilt and ornamental jewel are initially red, but become blue upon her Ascension.

It has the ability to shoot out a small mana projectile, not strong enough to kill a Servant in one hit but able to be fired repeatedly and at a low, convenient cost. This can be activated without calling its true name. By unleashing its true name, it can fire a barrage of mana projectiles.[2]


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