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“Let me show light."
"'Sword of Paracelsus'”


Sword of Paracelsus: Magic Sword of the Element User (元素使いの魔剣ソード・オブ・パラケルスス, Genso Tsukai no MakenSōdo obu Parakerususu?) is the Noble Phantasm of Paracelsus.

A Mystic Code composed of ultra-high density "Elixir: The Philosopher's Stone" and is the origin of Azoth. This sword is mainly used to enhance, assist and amplify the power of magecraft. It also allows instant use of ritualistic magic. By using the Five Elements as a catalyst, the sword can simulate True Ether, Magical Energy from the Age of Gods, to destroy anything around.[1]

However, the high-density magical energy storage ability is but a secondary effect of the Noble Phantasm. Its true power lies within the Elixir that the blade is made out of, where it is a "quantum computer" that is able to analyze and respond to the magical properties emitted by the opponent, before immediately encroaching it and make it his own; essentially an act of power snatching. Such an ability is on the level of a large scaled ritual magic-level Mystery.[2]


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