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TYPE-MOON Fes. 10th Anniversary Event is a belated celebration of TYPE-MOON's tenth anniversary that took place from July 7th to July 8th, 2012 at the Pacifico Yokohama Convention Center.

Artist Live PerformanceEdit

  • Yuki Kajiura & FictionJunction (Fate/Zero OST)
    • the beginning of the end
    • the battle is to the strong
  • LR Harmony – Sasaki Sayaka, Miyuki Hashimoto, yozuca*, Faylan, rino, Aki Misato (From New World)
    • すーぱー☆あふぇくしょん (Super Affection, ?)
    • From new world
    • THIS ILLUSION -10th moon harmony-
  • Faylan (Cannan OP)
    • mind as Judgment
  • Kalafina (Kara no Kyoukai ED, Fate/Zero OP)
    • Oblivious
    • 君が光に変えて行く (You Turn It Into Light, Kimi ga Hikari ni Kaete yuku?)
    • 傷跡 (Scar, Kizuato?)
    • ARIA
    • fairytale
    • seventh heaven
    • snow falling
    • Sprinter
    • 满天 (The Whole Sky, Manten?)
    • to the beginning
  • LiSA (Fate/Zero OP)
    • Oath Sign
  • Eir Aoi (Fate/Zero ED)
    • Memoria
  • Luna Haruna (Fate/Zero ED)
    • 空は高く風は歌う (The Sky is High and the Wind Sings, Sora wa Takaku Kaze wa Utau?)
  • Hideyuki Fukasawa (Mahōtsukai no Yoru OST)
    • Mahoutsukai no Yoru ~ main theme~
    • Five
  • Masaaki Endoh (Carnival Phantasm ED)
    • Fellows

Voice Actors/Actresses AppearanceEdit


Day 1Edit

Day 2Edit

  • Kawamura Takuo (Assassin - Sayid)
  • Abe Akina (Assassin - Female)
  • Tsuruoka Satoshi (Caster)
  • Akira Ishida (Ryūnosuke Uryū)
  • Akio Ōtsuka (Rider)

Carnival PhantasmEdit

Day 1 - Fate/stay nightEdit

Day 2 - TsukihimeEdit

Hibichika RadioEdit

Day 1 - Fate/Extra CCCEdit

Day 2 - FateEdit

Character Poll ResultsEdit

Main article: Type-Moon's 10th Anniversary Character Poll

As part of their 10th anniversary celebrations, visual novel makers Type-Moon held an election to pick the 10 favorite male and female characters.[1]

Type-Moon AnnouncementsEdit



  1. Type-Moon 10th Anniversary All Character popularity contest - results

External LinksEdit

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