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Welcome to the TYPE-MOON Wiki, a wiki that hopes to archive all information about the universe(s) that TYPE-MOON has created.

News Flash: Ufotable's Fate/stay night website has been updated. Fate/complete material is set to be released in English. Fate/Apocrypha volume three has been released.





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Prisma illya cover

Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA (Fate/kaleid liner プリズマ☆イリヤ, Fate/kaleid liner PURIZUMA☆IRIYA?) (caps part of official title) is a Fate/stay night alternate universe spin-off manga by Kalmia (who has previously drawn Fate doujins). Anime adaptation of First Manga was produced by Silver Link. Read more >>


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    Shawn Warrynn

    Hi I, got this Idea from other fellow fans who wanted to see new stuff from the Type-moon company. So I got the I deas from them. New and False Aristoteles. These beings are possible Ultimate Ones (原初の一(アルテミット・ワン), ? lit. Ultimate One (Primordial One)) or …

    Read more >
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    Waifu slayer

    Yours truly Waifu Slayer will review the currently untranslated Fate/Side Material dictionary in anticipation to the new Fate/Stay Night animu. 

    Each entry will be dissected and its relevance to the Nasuverse discussed. 

    Come join the discussion.

    Read more >
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