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Takashi Takeuchi

Takashi Takeuchi (武内 崇, Takeuchi Takashi?) (born August 28, 1973) is a Japanese artist, noted as the co-founder of Japanese visual novel and anime development and production enterprise TYPE-MOON, and for his character designs and illustrations on TYPE-MOON's visual novels, Tsukihime and Fate/stay night, which were both later adapted into anime and manga series. He has frequently collaborated with his longtime friend and fellow TYPE-MOON co-founder, author Nasu Kinoko. He has a penchant for maids, and Hisui is one of is his favorite characters to draw.

His works include:



Unlimited King of Knights

Takeuchi's Noble Phantasm is Unlimited King of Knights (無限の騎士王, Mugen no Kishi Ō?) - "The mind of a human who pursues the blonde-haired female knight he adores until the utmost limit. Employing all his skills, an infinite number of characters similar to Saber will be given life. A great delusion that erodes the stance of the company."[1]

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