Tarasque (タラスク, Tarasuku?), the Giant Iron Armored Dragon (大鉄甲竜, Dai Tekkō Ryū?) is the evil dragon who was tormenting the people of Southern France in the 1st Century.[1] A gigantic head, a shell with sharp spikes growing on it, six legs, a long tail with spikes that contain a substance similar to scorpion poison growing on it; the Tarasque is a monster with these peculiarities. It is also reported to be the son of the Leviathan from the Old Testament. One of the Dragon Kind which can freely move on both land and water, the Tarasque lurked in the Rhone River, sinking ships and eating people. Its hard shell repelled all the blades and arrows from the warriors sent to subjugate it. It then spat fire and burned them all. The person who suppressed such an invincible monster was Saint Martha.[2] The frightening monster fell madly in love with her. Martha is capable of summoning it as her Noble Phantasm.[1]

The Dragon Shield that a Blade Shall Not PassEdit

Tarasque: The Dragon Shield that a Blade Shall Not Pass (刃を通さぬ竜の盾よタラスク, Ha o Tōsanu Ryū no Tate yoTarasuku?) is the Noble Phantasm of Saint Martha. It temporarily summons the monstrous Tarasque's shell, protecting Martha and her allies. A single ally's (the primary target) defensive power is drastically increased; otherwise, physical damage is nullified for a short duration.[2]

O' Tragic Drake Who Knew Naught of LoveEdit

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“A miracle!”
“O', Tragic Drake Who Knew Naught of Love... Like a star! "Tarasque"!!”


Tarasque: O' Tragic Drake Who Knew Naught of Love (愛知らぬ哀しき竜よタラスク, Ai Shiranu Kanashiki Ryū yoTarasuku?) is the Noble Phantasm of Saint Martha. It summons and allows usage of the monster, Tarasque. The reading is the same as "The Dragon Shield that a Blade Shall Not Pass". The Tarasque summoned as Martha's Noble Phantasm thoroughly burns and smashes the enemy camp into nothingness with its Giant Iron Armored Dragon's Scorching Great Spin Attack.[2]

O' Tragic Drake RageEdit

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“O' Lord, please close your eyes for a while...”
“O' Dragic Drake Who Knew Naught of Love, come. Like a star! Tarasque! ...Sei! There's nowhere to run! Iron Fist Holy Judgement!”


Tarasque: O' Tragic Drake Rage (荒れ狂う哀しき竜よタラスク, Arekuruu Kanashiki Ryū yoTarasuku?) is the Noble Phantasm of Saint Martha in her swimsuit.

Iron Fist Holy Judgement. A fearsome Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm that looks like Tarasque’s prayer taking form, a prayer of not wanting to be only treated like before. While Tarasque comes flying in to crash onto the target, Martha gives further damage with a barrage of fists. Although it appears as if Tarasque is being struck by the barrage, because Martha is swinging her fists with the same striking method as a kind of “sunkei” that “goes through” it, there is no damage done to Tarasque, and all the damage appears to be delivered to the target that is underneath Tarasque————or so it seems.

Tarasque’s voice: “Stop, it is quite painful![3]


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