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Noble Phantasm
Agrius Metamorphosis



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Japanese name: アグリオス・メタモローゼ
Title: Boar of Divine Punishment
Japanese title: 神罰の野猪
Owner: Archer of Red
Type: B+[1]
Rank: Anti-Unit (Self)[1]
Range: 0[1]
Maximum number of targets: 1 person[1]

Agrius Metamorphosis: Boar of Divine Punishment (神罰の野猪アグリオス・メタモローゼ, ?) is a Noble Phantasm of Atalanta.


The ability takes characteristics from two Noble Phantasms present in Archer's original design in Fate/complete material IV:

The Disputed Spoils of War (諍いの戦利品, Isakai no Senrihin?)
A boar's pelt (with head attached) attained as booty of the Calydonian Boar Hunt. By releasing magical energy, high-speed traveling long distances in a straight line becomes possible. While moving, characters in the traveled route enter into disorder and start killing each other by mistake. When the king of Calydon forgot the offerings to Artemis in a harvest festival, the angry goddess let this boar loose over the land. The hero of Calydon who loved Atalanta, Meleager, finished it off, but because Atalanta refused his wishes of handing over the achievement, the concerning fate of said achievement brought discord to the country.[2]

The Beast of Divine Punishment (神罰の野獣, Shinbatsu no Yajuu?)
The condition in which "The Disputed Spoils of War" is clad over the body comfortably from the head and power of the Calydonian Boar is made one's own possession. Offensive power, defensive power and movement capacity are raised and one's life-force can be recovered about just as much as the damage dealt to the enemy. The wild boar dispatched by Artemis' divine punishment was both giant as a mountain and brutal and attempted to completely devour the crops of the city-state Calydon. The power attained through this Noble Phantasm is the Calydonian Boar itself, which was not stopped without making victims even after brave warriors from all over Greece were called.[2]


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