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“Then... Joker."
"Noble Phantasm, liberated! My final formula, the ultimate crime, I shall prove it here..."
"The Dynamics of an Asteroid!”


The Dynamics of an Asteroid: The Ultimate Crime (終局的犯罪ザ・ダイナミクス・オブ・アン・アステロイド, Shūkyoku-teki HanzaiZa Dainamikusu obu an Asuteroido?) is the Noble Phantasm of James Moriarty. The Noble Phantasm embodying Moriarty's goal of "Planet Destruction", the ultimate destruction that he has set as his objective.[1] It remains "Anti-Army" because Moriarty is summoned as a Servant, but if it is strengthened, its range can increase to "Anti-City" and "Anti-Country".

When utilized in the final battle of the Shinjuku Singularity, it instead has the name Catastrophe Crime: Ultimate Crime (終局的犯罪カタストロフ・クライム, Shūkyoku-teki HanzaiKatasutorofu Kuraimu?).


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