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Noble Phantasm
The Globe
Japanese name: ザ・グローブ
Title: Seat of the King
Japanese title: 国王一座
Owner: Caster of Red

The Globe: Seat of the King (国王一座ザ・グローブ, Za Gurōbu: Kokuō Ichiza?) is a Noble Phantasm designed for Shakespeare in Fate/complete material IV and discarded from his design in Fate/Apocrypha. It is Shakespeare's theatrical company, which was patronized by King James I. It permits him to accurately assume the aspect of another individual, passing scrutiny while disguised even if he interacts with those to whom the personage he portrays is well-known. It is used for purposes of social engineering.[1] He displays a usage of a similar ability in Apocrypha to become Victor Frankenstein in front of Berserker of Black.


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