The Sphinx of Abu el-Hol

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The Sphinx of Abu el-Hol: The Lion-Bodied Beast of the Hot Sand (熱砂の獅身獣アブホル・スフィンクス, Nessa no ShimijūAbuhoru Sufinkusu?) is a Divine Beast Sphinx brought forth by Rider that exists as a manifestation of wild winds and fire, known as an incarnation of the sky god Horus in Ancient Egypt. The beast is released as a minion, rather than a normal mount of someone of the Rider class. He claims that it has the power to defeat three Servants, even though Saber is able to slay it. The Sphinx is able to cover itself with flames, instantly melting the materials its body comes into contact with. An example of this would be concrete, which became similar in shape to melted candy upon coming into contact with it. It can also adjust the temperature of its claws specifically, turning them into red hot blades.


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