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“'Thermopylae Enomotia'!!”


Thermopylae Enomotia: Guardian of the Hot Gates (炎門の守護者テルモピュライ・エノモタイア, Honō-mon no ShugoshaTerumopyurai Enomotaia?) is the Noble Phantasm of Leonidas. Thermopylae Enomotia is the reenactment of the legendary 300 people that participated in the Battle of Thermopylae, which is accounted to the name known as Leonidas to the world.[1]

Normally, it is a counter-attack Noble Phantasm. Three hundred Spartans are summoned, each possessing C~E rank Endurance. They protect not only Leonidas but also his Master. As they are summoned as a Noble Phantasm, the 300 people would endure the enemy's attack along with Leonidas and it will amount a strong counterattack. The more number of people that endured the enemy's attack, the more powerful the counterattack would be on the next turn.[1][2] As it recreates the historical deed within an instant, it can be activated even after the opponent's attack.[2]


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