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Noble Phantasm
Troias Tragōidia

Troias tragoidia


Japanese name: トロイアス・トラゴーイディア
Title: Tempestuous Immortal Chariot
Japanese title: 疾風怒濤の不死戦車
Transliteration: Shippūdotō no Fushi Sensha
Owner: Rider of Red
Type: Anti-Army
Rank: A
Range: 2-60
Maximum number of targets: 50 people

Troias Tragōidia (Troy's Tragedy): Tempestuous Immortal Chariot (疾風怒濤の不死戦車トロイアス・トラゴーイディア, Shippūdotō no Fushi SenshaToroiasu Toragōidia?) is Achilles's three-horsed chariot that is able to move through the sky. Summoned by whistling with two fingers in his mouth, it appears from the sky, controlled by reigns on the driver's stand. It is drawn by three strong-muscled horses, two immortal divine horses bestowed by sea god Poseidon, Xanthos (クサントス, Kusantosu?) and Balius (バリオス, Bariosu?), and lesser than the other two, a "fine and famous" great horse pillaged from a city, Pedasos (ペーダソス, Pēdasosu?). It boasts extraordinary power, firmly charging and "riding like lightning", which is very difficult to stop. Using it, he tramples throughout the battlefield with godspeed, easily trampling one-ton golems and scraping up the ground simply from riding it, increasing in damage dealt proportionally to its increase in speed. It can be likened to a "giant galloping lawnmower" at its highest speed.[1]


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