Nasuverse character
True Rider
Japanese name: 真ライダー
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/strange fake
Character type: Servant (Master: Doris Lusendra)
Servant classes: FGO Rider
Gender: Female[1]
Height: 159cm[1]
Weight: 50kg[1]
Bloodline: N/A

True Rider (真ライダー, Shin Raidā?) is the "True" Rider-class Servant of Doris Lusendra in the True and False Holy Grail Wars of Fate/strange fake.



True Rider's True Name is Hippolyta (ヒッポリュテー, Hipporyutē?) .


True Rider is a woman younger than twenty years old, estimated at around sixteen to eighteen years old. She wears her long hair in a bun similar to Saber. She has a "lively peach-colored body" dressed in a unique style of clothing of soft cloth and leather. She wears a Noble Phantasm cloth on her arm.


True Rider appears to be an energetic individual. She considers True Archer to be her prey, glaring at him with intense hatred. It is not due to her death at his hands, but rather the tactics he employed, targeting a child, Tine, instead of her Servant. Having known him in life, though she even believes him to have utilized underhanded tactics to gain victory if it served his needs, he was one she believed would never do such a thing.


Fate/strange fakeEdit

During the battle between False Archer and True Archer, she appears suddenly and punches True Archer into a nearby hill. She tells Archer to not interfere, while True Archer emerges from the debris.


True Rider is a powerful hero, appraised by Lancer's Presence Detection as being a strong individual comparable to True Archer. Her mount is a horse, and she has the same exact Noble Phantasm fabric on her arm as that of True Archer. She displays the ability to appear suddenly during a heated fight without either Archer or True Archer noticing her until that moment. She is extremely strong, her blows carrying a divine aura that shakes the Earth. Her punch sounds like an explosion upon making contact with True Archer, easily sending him flying despite True Archer's ability to fend off the Gate of Babylon with ease. However, she recognizes she is outclassed by him, due to their shared history. Her weapons are a Spear, Bow and Arrows.

Charisma is a composite skill consisting of a person's charm as well as the command ability to unify an army or country.[1]

Divinity is a skill that represent the depth of one's Divine Spirit aptitude, how close one is to a Divine Spirit. As one of Artemis's virgins as well as the daughter of the queen and War God, Ares, she is clad in a thick divine aura. But, she does not have the A rank to reach the throne of a god, after death.[1]


While Rider wears her hair in a similar manner to Saber, Narita says that Rider's face is different and that the reason for the hair being the same will be explained later on in the series.


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