The True Holy Grail War (本当の聖杯戦争, Hontō no Seihai Sensō?) and False Holy Grail War (偽りの聖杯戦争, Itsuwari no Seihai Sensō?) are two simultaneous Holy Grail Wars held in Snowfield in America, also referred to as the Snowfield Holy Grail War.[1]


After the end of the Third Holy Grail War in Fuyuki, an organization of magi from the United States, separate from the London-based Mage's Association, took data from the Fuyuki Grail War and planned their own version of the ritual, which would be held seventy years later, with the city Snowfield selected as the Sacred Land in which to hold the ritual.


The system of the True and False Holy Grail Wars is copied from the Fuyuki system, although with some changes. Due to the nature of the War, the procedures for becoming Masters and summoning Servants is somewhat more flexible. For example, Tsubaki Kuruoka, a young comatose girl, was able to become a Master and summon Pale Rider, an entity that isn't a Heroic Spirit or a Divine Spirit.[2] Flat Escardos also managed to summon his Servant, Jack the Ripper, without a summoning circle or a chant, only messing around with his catalyst and the ley lines around the area.[3] Enkidu, a being closer to a Noble Phantasm of the Gods, was also summoned.[4] The True War also has its own exceptionalities, such as the summoning of the Watcher.

The Grail itself is yet to be shown, as the False War alone won't cause it to manifest. Even after the summoning of the "True" Servants, the Grail hasn't been shown.

False Holy Grail WarEdit

The False War is a primer for the true war, gathering enough energy by summoning six Servants. America based on the one in Fuyuki. Rather than fighting for a Holy Grail, the war is over a "False Grail", making the ritual hard to predict compared to that of Fuyuki. While it seems that the immense scale of the preparation for the ritual would have required a magi family of the caliber of a Great House like the Einzberns, the "Initiator" of the Holy Grail War has not appeared, nor do they give off any such presence of magi of their theorized stature.

The definition of "Summoning Rituals" is vague at best due to the flawed system, as shown by the summoning of Rider. After the fifth Servant is summoned, the False Grail wishes for the materialization of the sixth Servant, even through brutal force.

True Holy Grail WarEdit

The "True" War is started after the summoning of the "False" Servants has occurred. The True Masters are selected far more carefully, unlike the False Masters, most of whom are just people who happened to hear of the War. Unlike the False War, there is also a full roster of seven Servants and the possibility of Ruler being summoned exists.

Despite the False and True Wars being defined as separate occurrences, the Masters and Servants freely battle and collaborate with each other, making the Wars far less separate, at least so far. The exact differences between the "False" and "True" Servants also remain presently unclear, if there are any, to begin with. The two Wars are sometimes referred to both separately and collectively as the 'Snowfield Holy Grail War'.


The Grail War is established by the American government, with the help of Francesca. Faldeus Dioland acts as the representative of the government, a sort of supervisor on their behalf who tries to keep the War on track.

Unlike in the Fuyuki Grail War, the Church was not asked to supervise the Grail War. However, the Church still sent their own supervisor, Hansa Cervantes to find out more about the War. Some of the Masters though refuse to accept Hansa as an actual supervisor.



The Grail Wars are manufactured by the American government, with the help of Francesca Prelati. The rumors of the False War are spread all over the world, with mages from even beyond America being intrigued by the potential Grail War, while a number of "True" Masters are chosen by Faldeus Dioland, who is the representative of the government, and Francesca. The War also attracts the attention of the Mage's Association, who send Rohngall to investigate. The six "False" Servants are summoned by mostly outsider mages, with a couple exceptions. The "False" Servants are Gilgamesh, summoned as the Archer, Jack the Ripper, summoned as the Berserker, the 19th Hassan-i-Sabbah Candidate, summoned as the Assassin, Alexandre Dumas, summoned as the Caster, Pale Rider, summoned as the Rider and Enkidu, summoned as the Lancer. The beginning of the War, however, doesn't go so smoothly. The original Master of False Archer is quickly killed by Tine Chelc, the leader of a local indigenous people, who False Archer agrees to make a contract with. False Berserker is summoned by Flat Escardos with no summoning circle or even a chant. False Assassin immediately rebels against her Master, a Dead Apostle Jester Karture, and goes off to attack anyone affiliated with the Grail War. False Rider is summoned by a young, comatose girls, named Tsubaki Kuruoka, instead of her parents who were the intended Masters. False Lancer is summoned as the Servant of a chimera wolf, who was supposed to only serve as a summoning tool for its creator. The Master of False Caster, Orlando Reeve, also employs an unorthodox strategy, utilizing his Servant to arm his entire police force with Noble Phantasm imitations, naming them Clan Calatin and intending to battle the other Servants with them instead of his own Servants. Rohngall is also betrayed by Faldeus Dioland, who masqueraded as his pupil, though he only kills a puppet of Rohngall's.[5]

Some of the "True" Masters also summon their Servants early, with Bazdilot Cordelion summoning Heracles, as Archer, and twisting his normally heroic nature, by using all of his Command Spells and the mud of the Grail given to him by Francesca. True Archer gains traits of the Avenger Class, representing the mortal aspects of Heracles, called by his original name, Alcides.[6]

Day 0Edit

False Archer, after the summoning of False Lancer, notices the appearance of his friend, as does False Lancer. They meet in the nearby desert, clashing with each other and being overjoyed by their reunion. However, their battle is cut short by the approach of False Rider, who is especially dangerous to False Lancer, due to his weakness to curses of disease. False Lancer and False Archer depart, although they promise to face each other at the end of the War.

Taking note of the Grail War, the Church decides to send their own observer, Hansa Cervantes, as they were not invited by the manufacturers of the Grail War themselves. A girl named Ayaka Sajyou also arrives in Snowfield, who is bound to get involved with the War.[7]

Somewhere far away, Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg observes the Grail War of Snowfield, being worried by the possibility of ORT awakening due to the wish of Jester Karture. With the help of Caubac Alcatraz, he selects a certain world where a certain girl, who is Ayaka Sajyou, enters the Grail War, hoping that she might divert the War to a better direction.[8]

Day 1Edit

Day 2Edit

Day 3Edit

Day 4Edit

On the morning of Day 4, Fillia began summoning Gugalanna, the Bull of Heaven, from atop the flying airship functioning as the workshop of True Caster, intending to get her revenge against a "rude pair of ingrates", likely Gilgamesh, False Archer, and Enkidu, False Lancer, as Francesca and True Caster looked on. Gugalanna manifested in the middle of a large hurricane over eight hundred kilometers, heading straight for Snowfield.[9]


Servant Identity Master
False Archer Gilgamesh Unnamed magus (Original Master)
Tine Chelc
False Assassin Former Hassan-i-Sabbah candidate Jester Karture
False Berserker Jack the Ripper Flat Escardos
False Caster Alexandre Dumas Orlando Reeve
False Lancer Enkidu Wolf
False Rider Pale Rider Tsubaki Kuruoka
Saber Richard I Cashura (Original Master)
Ayaka Sajyou
Avenger/True Archer Alcides Bazdilot Cordelion
True Assassin Hassan-i-Sabbah Faldeus Dioland
True Berserker Unknown Haruri Borzak
True Caster François Prelati Francesca Prelati
True Rider Hippolyta Doris Lusendra
Watcher Unknown Sigma


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