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Nasuverse character
Twice H. Pieceman
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Japanese name: トワイス・H・ピースマン
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Extra
Fate/Extra CCC
Voice actor: Hiroki Tōchi
Character type: Human, NPC, Master
Command Spell: Twice cs
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 30[1]
Height: 175cm[1]
Weight: 58kg[1]
Blood type: A[1]
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Gray
Likes: Study, Growth[1]
Dislikes: Self-destruction, Stagnation[1]
Talents: Fieldwork[1]
Natural enemy: El Draque, Main protagonist[1]
Image Color: Grey[1]

Twice H. Pieceman is the Master of Saver, and the primary antagonist of Fate/Extra. At the conclusion of the seventh battle, he can be found at the core of the Moon Cell.



Twice H. Pieceman is in his late 20's with black hair and grey eyes and wears glasses. He wears doctor uniform with black collar long sleeves white shirt with black, grey, and light blue tie and grey sweater vest, white lab coat, black gloves, black pants with grey lines, and black shoes.


Twice H. Pieceman was a war orphan in the 70's and was later adopted by his foster parents. He became a prominent scientist in the latter half of the 20th century, and pioneered the science of digital hacking. Killed in the terrorist attack occurring some thirty years prior to the events of Fate/Extra, his data was recorded by the Moon Cell Automaton and became part of the system. After serving in multiple Grail Wars as an NPC, the constant exposure to the human Masters eventually caused his data to become self-aware, and he now exists in the Moon Cell as both a NPC and a Master.

After becoming self-aware, Twice became a Master and summoned Caster. He went on to fight in countless Holy Grail Wars, but failed to win the war until he summoned Saver. However, once he reached the core of the Moon Cell, he found that, as an NPC, he could not enter the core without being deleted as invalid data. From there, he redesigned the Holy Grail War to the current system and asked each Master who was victorious in the Holy Grail War to wish for the perpetuation of war and the continued advancement of man. However, all the Masters who faced him refused, and thus were killed by him and Saver.


Twice is a pacifist who hates wars and cannot forgive it, but at the same time believes that humanity requires war to advance and evolve. To him, the Holy Grail War existing within the Moon Cell is a microcosm of the constant bloodshed that transpires in the outside world. The participants slaughter one another in the hopes of having the Grail grant their wish, all the while feeding information to the Automaton. Twice accepts this as survival of the fittest and believes that such a process is essential for humanity.

Caster claims that when Twice was her Master, he was too kind and gentle for the Grail War.



After Hakuno Kishinami and their Servant defeats Leonardo B. Harwey and his Saber, they are permitted access to the core of the moon. Once they arrive, they find Twice sitting atop the coffins of the Masters he has defeated. Twice explains his backstory to Hakuno and makes the same request as he did to the other Masters, unaware that they are an NPC as well and likewise cannot enter the core without being deleted. Hakuno and their Servant reject Twice's philosophy and do battle with him and Saver. After Saver is defeated, Twice deletes himself, staying true to his beliefs about survival of the fittest.

Fate/Extra CCCEdit

In the beginning of Chapter 7 - I love you, Twice contacts Hakuno's subconscious and becomes a voice of encouragement.

Past incarnations of Twice and Caster appear as a bonus boss in Fate/Extra CCC.


Caster comments that Twice is very similar to Hakuno as they started out very weak but he couldn't fully use all his abilities due to his gentle nature.


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