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“Heaven's Feel begin. An end to all things..."Twin Arm Big Crunch"!”


Twin Arm - Big Crunch: Dual Arm Zero-Order Convergence (双腕・零次集束ツインアーム・ビッグクランチ, Futaude - Reiji ShūsokuTsuin Āmu - Biggu Kuranchi?), also called Right Hand - Big Crunch: Right Arm - Zero-Order Convergence (右腕・零次収束ライトハンド・ビッグクランチ, Migiude - Reiji ShūsokuRaito Hando - Biggu Kuranchi?), is a technique utilized by Amakusa Shirou Tokisada with his two arm Noble Phantasms, Left Hand - Xanadu Matrix and Right Hand - Evil Eater, connecting with the Greater Grail.

By connecting both arms to the leylines, excessive Magical Energy is inserted in the Magic Circuits of both arms and made to rampage. A destruction-type Noble Phantasm that refines pseudo-black matter and swallows all beings on the surroundings. Because it requires an excessively vast magical energy, originally it is impossible to employ it as a Noble Phantasm. In order to completely impel it as Noble Phantasm, he must first somehow establish a magic energy supply route different from his Master.[1]


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