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“Huh? The truth on getting ahead in life...? All right, then I'll respond to that request!"
"The Biblical Magi, the God of Scandinavia, the Fruit of Wisdom... My intelligence, my almightiness, surpassing every intellect."
"Uomo Universale!”


Uomo Universale: The Universal Man (万能の人ウォモ・ウニヴェルサーレ, Ban'nō no HitoUomo Univuerusāre?) is the Noble Phantasm of Leonardo da Vinci. The legendary almightiness given shape. It instantly analyses the target and adjusts her greatest attack in accordance with said target before firing; commonly referred to as an all-purpose specially-made Noble Phantasm. Apparently, it was originally a reflection-type Noble Phantasm that repels attacks by provisionally composing the enemy Noble Phantasm on the spot, but such resources are seemingly being employed for the sake of administrating Chaldea.[1]


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