*bows and falls out the window*

I'm about to get into this franchise - already own the Fate/Extra game and have played quite a bit of it. ...So, I got to thinking about creating my own set of Servants... however, looking for mythical/historical people to fill the classes is quite difficult. Even for a library assistant like me. Can anyone point me to a few good sites that actually LIST famous spear users, swordsmen, archers, assassins, etc.?

So far, my list contains these guys:

Saber – Rhydderch Hael (uses Dyrnwyn) / not changing this one as it's perfect.

Archer – Wilhelm Tell / I could change this if I find a better one, but for now Tell should do.

Lancer – Lugh (uses Brionac) / I kind of dislike using gods. Need moar spearmen.

Rider – El Cid (Babieca), Manfred von Richthofen / Either of these two, or someone better. Can't figure out who to use.

Caster – Beethoven, Count of St. Germain / Either of these two. I personally like the latter idea a lot. Could also pick someone better? idk

Berserker – Kullervo / Berserkers are hard to find, but at least I know Kullervo is completely postal.

Assassin – Simo Häyhä / I really want an older assassin... Typemoon tends to use ancient people (the newest one is from the late 1800s or something). But this type is the HARDEST to find...

Avenger - Izanami / Well... her husband basically went "Wow, you ugly!" at her and shut her in a cave. She's pretty close to Angra Mainyu in hate level.

Saver - Ahura Mazda. / Why the heck hasn't Typemoon used him yet?

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