Well, it was requested I try to make Japanese heroes, here.

Name: Issun Boshi

Class: Assassin

Personality: Playful and kind of perverted, Issun doesn't fit what would be expected of his class. Depending on his master he is likely to be either completely uncooperative or only too happy to please. Despite being of the Assassin class, he is always willing to give his enemy a fair shot as is his nature.

Appearance: Despite appearing as little more than a black speck most of the time, Issun's full appearance is rather remarkable. His hair is rough, black and short, swept away from his face by wind. He wears a simple brown shirt and black three quarter lengths. Over his upper arms are two large leaves acting as armour and on his belt is a giant sewing needle which acts as his sword. He has no form of footwear and keeps a giant golden mallet slung across his back.


Impossible Target (A) - Issun possesses very little talent at presence concealment, but his small size makes him nearly impossible to detect and even harder to hit.

Flour Trick (C) - Using some flour, Issun can mark targets with it in order to track them, provided they do not change clothes or bathe Issun can find them at a later time.

Oni Slayer (A) - Strangely, due to his legend Issun's needle sword possesses a trait of "Demon Slaying" making it a highly effective weapon against anything of that nature.

Noble Phantasm:

Uchide no Kozuchi (C+) - A mystical mallet that grants wishes. While capable of many bizarre feats, its attachment to Issun Boshi has reduced its power to simply a changing of size. Anything hit with the mallet will either grow or shrink dependant on the user's will.