Got bored, decided to take a shot. I know the idea is too young to impliment in an actual grail war as such, but I was taken with it and went with it.

Name: Yuri Gagarin

Class: Rider

Gender: Male

Appearance: An short, youthful man wearing a military uniform with a great coat and peaked cap. He has short, dark hair and a bright smile. His eyes gleam brightly.

Personality: A generally bright and chipper individual, he becomes very stoic in battle, bracing himself for what is to come. He is quite modest and embarasses easily, but has a keen mind with a strong grasp of physics and mathematics.

History: A young man from Soviet Russia, Gagarin grew up on a work farm. In his youth, the Nazis occupied his home and he spent over a year living in a mud hut. After the war, he went through the educational system, becoming familiar with metal work and mathmatics. After joining an amateur flying club, it was not long until he became a military pilot.

Extremely focused and mature, Gagarin ultimately became the choice to be the first man in space. On April 12, 1961, this goal was achieved, and Yuri Gagarin declared "The Earth is blue... How wonderful... It is amazing."

Class Skills:

Riding (A-) - Rider's ability extends purely to any machine built by man, with beasts, phantasmal or otherwise falling outside of his dominion.

Personal Skills:

Independent Action (C) - Representing the stockpile of food kept in case of emergency, Rider can remain materialised for a day without aide from his Master.

New Age Hero (B) - Pioneers who brought humanity forward as a whole. This skill acts in opposition to the degradation of mystery the nearer one approaches the present, allowing tales of previously unfathomable feats match the truly miraculous.

Poekhali (Let's Go!) (A+) - The simple declaration that became known far and wide. This famous utterance has crystalised into a small mystery of its own, allow Rider to shorten the preparation time on any ability and allow it to manifest near instaneously. While useful, he admits a Caster would have much more use for it.

Noble Phantasm:

Vostok 1: All of Creation in 108 Minutes (B) - The rocket that brought Gagarin around the world in a little under two hours. An impractical and cumbersome Noble Phantasm that would normally take forever to assemble, let alone activate, when used with his Poekhali personal skill, he can transform it into something more useful.

Not intended as a weapon, but as a vessel embodying humanity's wish to stand among the stars, it takes the form of Gagarin's flight suit, once activated, the manifestion of the rocket is bypassed by his personal skill, instead transforming Gagarin himself into a burning star. In this form, Gagarin is capable of orbiting the Earth in less than two hours, but since that ability is useless in a Grail War, he instead uses this incredible speed to launch himself through opponents with the force of a shooting star.

The Earth is Blue: The Wonder of Distant Home (EX) - The awe inspiring vision from the heavens above as Gagarin declared what no other man before him, hero or devil, peasant or king, had ever lain eyes on. The ability to percieve of all of the Earth, human civilisation, and the cumulative history of the planet in one moment.

A primordial power emcompassing the world's environment, one can use this power to alter it, not unlike a Marble Phantasm, but since he lacks the knowledge and understanding of a True Ancestor in order to utilize this ability to its fullest, it instead functions as a more passive ability, rewriting the world around him to benefit the most beneficial course at the time. Usually cleaning the environment around him of pollutants, it can also alter ground density to allow lift off from any surface, change local gravity to reflect the weightlessness in space and if pressed, draw in all the nearby oxygen to allow for instant, devastating ignition that may endanger Rider himself.