Hello all, I thought I'd take the time to compile a list of Facts about the Servant classes and the like in the Fate Franchise, I hope they are enlightening for all.

General Numbers

Specific Servant Facts

  • Taking into account the Fate/School Life servants, despite their more comical origins, there have been servants from five of the seven continents, even including Antartica, but not South America or Australia.
  • Out of all the servants, nine remain unknown, their identities yet to be revealed. These are, the Foxtail Sabre, the Sabre, Rider and Caster from Fate/strange fake, the Lancer and Archer from Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Blue and Silver, The Second Assassin from Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA and the Berserker, Sabre and Shielder servants from Fate/Grand Order.
  • Amongst all the servants, there are only two who emanate uniquely from the Fate/Kaleid series, the Berserker, Thor and the previously mentioned, unknown Assassin.
  • The servant with the most appearances out of any is Gilgamesh, not counting the Male and Female variants of Arthur as one, coming in at a total of seven.
  • Of all the servants originally designed for the cancelled Fate/Apocrypha game, most were used in the creation of the light novels. While Musashibou Benkei, Saint George and Sakata Kintoki, who were not, would eventually find use in the upcoming Fate/Grand Order. The only servant originally designed for the project but whom remain unused is David. The reasons for this exclusion are currently unknown.

Noble Phantasms

  • The Servant with the most named Noble Phantasms is Gilgamesh, with a startling eleven. This is not even including items used by either his Prototype version of the Fate/Kaleid version. Taking these into account, it rises to a truly impressive nineteen.
  • In second place are EMIYA, Perseus and the Fate/Kaleid Gilgamesh with six each.
  • However, taking unnamed Phantasms into account, not only do Gilgamesh and Fate/Kaleid Gilgamesh take the prize for having Phantasms listed as approaching infinite, they are then followed by Emiya's theoretical armaments and finally, the No Name Assassin, with Eighteen Zabaniya techniques.
  • Despite the rarity of such things, there is a total of fifteen Noble Phantasms of the EX rank.
  • The lowest ranked Noble Phantasm is Bathory Erzsebet belonging to Lancer (Fate/Extra CCC) at E-.
  • Of the nineteen Zabaniya Noble Phantasms known to exist, only the names of six are known, and even then, the details behind two are largely unknown.
  • The Noble Phantasm capable of targetting the most individuals is the comical Boomelancer from Carnival Phantasm, which has infinite targets, while the Phantasm with the smallest target area is Invisible Air, which, while it can be turned into an attack that strikes multiple targets, only typically effects a single sword.