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    It has been a little while since the Prologue of Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt and it will be a little while before the first chapter is released (apparently in April though I haven't verified this). People have had time to look over the information presented so far and speculate on what might be to come. Given the circumstances, I thought it might be an idea to gather the pieces of information and speculation that are around in one place for consideration, before things properly get going.

    This will probably take a little while to compile and construct (even not taking external circumstances into account) and I might need some help in doing so. If there's anything to add or amend, please say so in the comments below - it'd be much…

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    When Fate/Grand Order: Epic of Remnant was announced, the trailer contained the names of the individual chapters for the story, together with various keywords and terms which were related to them. These have been a subject of speculation and curiosity during the wait for the chapter releases.

    The individual chapters as well as the associated keywords and terms were as follows (most extracted from the main Fate/Grand Order page at time of writing):

    • Episode I:
    • Episode II:
    • Episode III:
    • Episode IV:

    Episode I:

    • A mere empty fiction
    • ||}}
    • ||}}

    Episode II:

    • An invasion from fiction

    Episode III:

    • Vengeance from an illusion

    Episode IV:

    • Marching superstition

    At the time of writing, two chapters have been released with two more to come. I thought it might be a good point to…

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    I was recently looking through the Skill article to find certain skills and information concerning them in order to answer a number of questions in my mind out of curiosity (for example, how many Skills currently have 'no information available', which skills override others, which skills can be accessed through others, which skills are exclusive to certain individuals and groups, what skills fall into certain categories etc). However I was having a little difficulty going through the article and the three hundred plus skills on it. To make analyses a bit easier, I've begun to compile some lists to assist with processing the information and I thought that they might be useful to any others who are also going through the data.

    The lists below…

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