Trap of Argalia Apocrypha
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Fate Series has always been one of my Favorite Action Genre Anime . Fate/Stay Night was the First one among the Franchise that I watched . When I watched the first few episodes of Fate/Stay Night , I was not amazed enough to call it one of my favorites , because it had a slow start . Though I was attracted towards it , I watched the whole season . 


                                                                            My thoughts on the Franchise changed when I watched Fate/Stay Night : Unlimited Bladeworks and Fate/Zero . The Animation , Action , Characters , Story ...Never Seized to amaze me . After that(Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Bladeworks) it secured the place inside my top 10 list . I was Hyped About Fate/Apocrypha , I wondered that maybe the new Fate Series will be even better than Unlimited Bladeworks . Maybe it Won't , I was in a dilemma . But Soon when Summer 2017 started , Fate/Apocrypha made its debut I had a feeling that this might be the best Series Among the Franchise . Why it that ?


Ruler Portrait :Source-Google Images

Why I thought that Fate/Apocrypha was going to be the best among the Franchise ? - It was because for me Fate/Apocrypha had the best start , the First Episode had Breathtaking action scenes , highly defined Animations in which each and every clash seemed real and clarified . A new story , A new Holy Grail War System in which more than Seven Servants and Masters Fight . New Protagonists Ruler and Siege , who were not fighting for the grail . They had their own special role and ulterior motives to play in the wars other than the Magi and Servant roles. (Maybe in future they seek the grail ).Total of 4 Episodes are released up till now and all the 4 Episodes were astonishing . The Series even got a good Viewers Ratings and Critiques . Although , My Anime List ratings were a mere  7.8. Though that doesn't changed the fact that its an amazing Series for Action seekers (also for Anime Lovers).


                                                                          With this Article I want to Discuss with you guys about your thoughts about the Series . For me , I can't say anything now , Its going well and if it keeps the same pace then definitely its going to overtake Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Bladeworks place . Still the series has a long way to go , I will not take my decision in a haste . When Fate/Apocrypha Series will end I will Update this Article with my answere . I think Fate/Apocrypha has the capacity to surpass it Predecessors . What do you think ? Is Fate/Apocrypha Going To Surpass Its Predecessors ? . What are your Answere's ? . Tell me in the Comments down below. 


If you have any doubts about the Series like the watch order or something else . Feel free to ask in the Comments Down Below. Also check out my previous episode reviews of Fate/Apocrypha @ Otaku Sama.