New and False Aristoteles

Hi I, got this Idea from other fellow fans who wanted to see new stuff from the Type-moon company. So I got the I deas from them. New and False Aristoteles. These beings are possible Ultimate Ones (原初の一(アルテミット・ワン), ? lit. Ultimate One (Primordial One)) or Types (タイプ, ?), lifeforms from other heavenly bodies and plenets that were not listed yet, or that are not alligeble to be considered Ultimate Ones, but stillo powerful life forms to be reckoned with.

Examples include:


While not really a Ultimate one as the Sun is a star and not a planet, "Type-Sun" was born from the collected belief and imaginations of other beings, both mortal and immortal, that there is a being that control the sun, in short a "Sun God/Deity". like the sun Deities, Helios, Apollo, Sol (Hellenistic Mythology), Lugh (Celtic Mythology), Sól (Norse Mythology), Ra (Egyptian Mythology), Dazbog, Belobog, Svarog (Slavic mythology), Shamash (Babylonian/Middle-Eastern). Type-Sun Is a rare kind of Divine spirit, born from belief and the will of the entire solar system (not just Alaya and Gaia) that eventually be came a real being. However, unlike the initial belief that it can control the sun, it is actually, a being that draws it's powers from the Sun but can never control the star. It could be like an enemy to Type-Moon and the Dead Apostles, as Vampires have been always historically portrayed as weak against and cannot with stand Sunlight. At the same time it tends to meddle in the affaires of Earth and Humanity as Earth is the only Planet left in the whole solar system with actual life and its dominant species, humanity are to chaotic. In short it wants to ensure that Humanity, Earth and all other lifeforms on earth "Plants and animals" are preserved.

2)Type- Gaea/Type-Gaia/Type-Terra

The true Ultimate one of the planet Earth. A rear kind of Divine spirit, born from belief and the will of Earth/Gaia designed to preserve the planet. like many of Gaia's other creations this being is designed to regulate all life on Earth, which of course means killing a majority of humanity as humans no longer follow the flow of nature on the planet or protecting humanity should the species be on the brink of extinction. It could be like both an enemy and saviour/protector to all humanity, or any dominant species of earth. It will act as a guardian for all Earthling species but as a Culler (someone who culls) to any species that is too over-populating to the planet or that is causing to much damage to the planet. It's function is kind of similer to The Magician, The Emperor, The World, and The Wheel of Fate, from House of the Dead. It functions to regulate the life force and flow of nature on Earth. It will be like an Immortal being that can only die if the planet Earth dies.


Type-Nibiru is the Ultimate One of the planet Nibiru also known as planet X. Since the planet is long belived to be non-existential, Then Type-Nibiru is also believe to be non-existential. However, based on the legend that the Earth will colide with an unknown planet, it is belived that the ultimate one Type-Nibiru is designed to exterminate all life on earth and set it on stage for the end of both its planet and Earth.