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Vampire (吸血鬼, Kyūketsuki?, Blood-Sucking Demon) is the general term for those who suck the blood of humans. Refers specifically to the blood-sucking species that is the Dead Apostles as well as those that have become bloodsuckers because of them. While it can be synonymous with the Blood-Sucking Species, the term Vampire generally refers only to those hunted by the Church.

In the Tsukihime setting, vampires have the instinct known as the Vampiric Impulses (吸血衝動, kyuuketsu shoudou?),[1] which pushes them to suck the blood of others. But differently than the vampiric impulses of the True Ancestors, who are also considered vampires, these vampires have the physical need to suck the blood of others, in order to maintain their own bodies. However, if the vampire gives the human his own blood in the process, the human body will not completely die and the soul cannot leave the body. In most cases however, the body dies and with it the soul of the victim and the final result is an empty corpse, that the vampire can control like a puppet, called the Dead (死者, Shisha?). But sometimes, there are those who possess an high physical potential and the capacity of their soul is excellent, it prevents the body and with it the soul from dying.

Afterwards their bodies get buried and after several years in the grave, the brain dissolves and the soul is freed from the cage of the body; and it arises as a kind of living dead called a Ghoul (食屍鬼, Shokushiki?, Corpse-Eating Demon). Ghouls and their transformed souls, can bypass the necessity of the brain to hold the soul, as their soul is now separate from the body. They have mental capacities pretty much equivalent to that of a savage beast and they must devour other corpses to reconstruct their own degenerated flesh. After many years of this they restore their bodies and thus, their brain, which now anchors their soul again to the body. The soul can now reshape itself with the brain and the body and they fully recover their intelligence and memories, and mature to a Dead Apostle (死徒, Shito?). It takes decades, of acclimating to life in the darkness, to complete this Growth Process. But their is a rare case, among rare cases, if the body is truly blessed with excellent potential, it allows a complete rebirth into a full-fledged vampirea almost immediately.

Those who became Vampires can move on their own free will, but they cannot escape the rule of their sire's blood. They have to supply the majority of their acquired blood to their vampire parent. The new born Vampire gains the necessary knowledge to understand the changes of its body and quickly grows accustomed to living as a vampire. The vampire still follows his vampire parent but can give their own blood to a human and have their own followers. A vampire can only become a full-fledged Dead Apostle after breaking free from the control of his parent vampire. To stop that eternal cycle, the Church has built the Burial Agency, to hunt and destroy the Dead Apostles. The purpose of the Burial Agency is the extermination of all vampires as well as the sealing of the founding 27 Ancestors.

This term is used more loosely with magi that obtained vampire-like properties through their magecraft, and it looks to be more of label of how much is such property considered dangerous to other people. Zouken Matou is not considered a vampire by the Church even though he is possessing and eating the bodies of other people with his Crest Worms to sustain his life and is even called a vampire on one occasion, albeit as an insult, while Nrvnqsr Chaos is considered a Dead Apostle, despite the fact that he does not really drink blood but merely absorbs entire human (and animal) bodies as organic material. Difference is in scale: in normal circumstances, Zouken needs one body every few decades, while Nrvnqsr on one occasion devoured all residents of a hotel (over one hundred people) in mere minutes.

Types of VampiresEdit

Curse of Restoration Edit

True Ancestors and Dead Apostles possess a form of limited immortality, called the Curse of Restoration (復元呪詛, Fukugen Juso?). This ability operates under normal conditions and causes the vampire's body to regress through time to its original vampiric state whenever it receives an injury. However, this ability is also tied to the phases of the moon. As the moon waxes, the degree of injury that can be repaired, as well as the speed of the regression increases dramatically. For example, Roa would not have been able to survive Arcueid Brunestud's Marble Phantasm, were it not for the full moon. Additionally, it is the night of a full moon the time when the Dead Apostles and True Ancestors reach the height of their strength.[2]


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