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Noble Phantasm
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Japanese name: ヴィマーナ
Title: Throne of Heaven-soaring King
Japanese title: 天翔る王の御座
Transliteration: Sora Kakeru Ou no Mikura
Owner: Gilgamesh

The Vimana: Throne of Heaven-soaring King (天翔る王の御座ヴィマーナ, Throne of Heaven-soaring KingVimāna?) is a flying contraption passed from Babylon to India and recorded in the two epic sagas, Ramayana and Mahabharata, that is owned by Gilgamesh and contained within the Gate of Babylon.[1] It is a golden and emerald ark, a high-tech Indian Noble Phantasm that would make even Area 51 pale-faced, fueled by a solar crystal, rutilated quartz crystals, that burns mercury as fuel.

It surpasses the laws of physics by traveling at the speed of thought, and it can easily outpace a modern jet while Gilgamesh is simply playing around. It has a pilot throne that can be withdrawn in emergency situations, and a control column, which isn't used due to interference with the operation of the Gate of Babylon, is placed directly in front of it. He can freely use the Gate of Babylon to launch projectiles while piloting the vessel, and he can also summon shields to block midair projectiles. Within the myths of ancient India, it was apparently loaded with a variety of weapons ranging from ancient machine guns to ancient nuclear warheads, which have been collected and stored within Gilgamesh's treasury.[2] He uses it to engage Berserker's F15 fighter jet, and after believing it to have no way to attack from the rear, the Vimana is engulfed and shot down by incendiary bombs transformed from the flare dispenser.[3][4]


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