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Nasuverse character
Wolfgang Faustus
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Labyrinth
Character type: Phantasmal Species
Gender: Male

Wolfgang Faustus (ヴォルフガング・ファウストゥス, Vorufugangu Fausutusu?) is the antagonist of Fate/Labyrinth.



Wolfgang Faustus has seized one of Caubac Alcatraz labyrinth, the Seventh Labyrinth of Caubac Alcatraz. He is a "Lamyros," which is the Mediterranean term for a Lamia. A Lamyros is a vampire, but is different from a Dead Apostle, being a high-class Phantasmal Species instead.


Wolfgang Faustus possesses blonde hair and red eyes, in addition to his white skin. He primarily wears black clothes reminiscent of an aristocratic noble.


Despite portraying himself in a benevolent manner, Wolfgang Faustus possesses both a keen intellect as well as an intense hunger for blood. He possesses sadistic tendencies likened to a hunter and enjoys games and battles. He acts very much like an aristocrat, and is quite particular on manners.



Wolfgang Faustus is the main antagonist for Fate/Labyrinth. He first introduces himself when Gray and Norma both reach the chamber where the Subcategory Holy Grail is being kept. After some initial introductions, he then battles Gray.

Despite Gray's best efforts, Faustus soon overwhelms her and succeeds in stopping Norma when she goes to help Gray. However, Just as he is about to kill Norma, she is rescued by Caster, Archer, and Assassin who has come to the rescue. He then proceeds to battle the trio along with Gray and Add. 

Enjoying the battle, he reveals the full extent of his powers, and powers himself up with 3 Spiritual cores (which he'd taken from some other Servants). He then proceeds to summon Asterios as his pseudo Berserker class Servant. Gloating, Faustus and Asterios proceed to attack the party, eventually cornering them.

However, Faustus is inevitably beaten, when Norma destroys the Subcategory Holy Grail (with some help from Manaka), causing Asterios to fade away. He is then destroyed by a combination attack from the 3 Servants and Gray.


Wolfgang Faustus is a vampire, but a Lamyros and not a Dead Apostle. As such he possess both the supernatural strength, speed and reflexes of a phantasmal species. He also possesses fast regenerative capabilities that make him virtually immortal and he also has the ability to cast spells.


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