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“What a hot turn of events! It can't be stopped anymore!"
"You're not high enough! I am a snake! I am a flame!"
"Xiuhcoatl Tsareada!"
"Phew~ adiós rood!”


Xiuhcoatl: O Flame, Burn the Gods Themselves (炎、神をも焼き尽くせシウ・コアトル, Honō, Kami wo mo Yaki TsukuseShiu Koatoru?) is the Noble Phantasm of Quetzalcoatl. A recreation of the flames which consumed Quetzalcoatl’s own temple, when he burned it down to prevent the evil Tezcatlipoca from acquiring its many treasures. Flames envelop the area, and enemies are prevented from invoking their Noble Phantasms for a time. However, this Noble Phantasm has taken on an extremely bizarre form due to its user’s love of lucha libre. Basically, she spins her opponent around in the air and drops them headfirst in a piledriver. Or, depending on the situation, she might kick the opponent from a height of 1000 meters. Such are the meteorically shocking maneuvers this Noble Phantasm has been adapted to. She calls it “Ultimo Tope Patada.”[1]


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