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Noble Phantasm
Yew Bow



Yew Bow FGO

Japanese name: 祈りの弓
Title: The Bow of Prayer
Japanese title: イー・バウ
Transliteration: Inori no Yumi
Owner: Archer
Type: Anti-Unit[1]
Rank: D[1]
Range: 4-10[1]
Maximum number of targets: 1 person[1]

"Yew Bow. A blessing of the forest... Which becomes a poison to tyrannical regimes. This arrow from my grave..."

Yew Bow: The Bow of Prayer (祈りの弓イー・バウ, Inori no YumiĪ Bau?) is a crossbow made from the wood of one of the Yew trees from the Forest of Sherwood, which Robin Hood used as his base of operations. He makes use of it as a regular bow to shoot arrows and utilizes poison arrows to poison his targets. Once the bow's name is invoked, it has the ability to instantaneously amplify and surge out the impurities in the target's stomach. If the target is poisoned, it will make that poison explode like gunpowder.[2] The bow materializes a number of roots that swarm around the target and take the form of a tree that subsequently bursts and withers. His yew bow houses ultra-nature powers such as the extremely strong poison from the yew tree, and the ability to reproduce Sherwood Forest.[3]

In game, he utilizes it when the target is poisoned, and it adds an even deadlier poison which stacks with the current poison already afflicting the target. The act of making a bow from a Yew, which are holy arbor for the Celts in Northern Europe, in the Forest of Sherwood has ceremonial connotations of "becoming one with this forest." It is said that the Yew is a tree that leads to world of the dead, and Archer, perhaps knowing of that, said "I want to be buried at the place where this arrow drops" before firing an arrow at the end of his life. The arrow hit the root of a Yew tree as was expected, and accordingly to his wishes, he was buried by the side of the big tree along with his beloved partner.[2][3] It was by this sequence of events that his bow made from only the wood of a yew tree came to be imbued with enough power to be used as a Noble Phantasm.[3]


huke is the weapon designer for Yew Bow.


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