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Zabaniya (ザバーニーヤ, Zabānīya?) is the name of the Noble Phantasms of all the nineteen possible Assassins available to be summoned in the Fuyuki Holy Grail Wars. Each one of the nineteen Hassan-i-Sabbah had to earn their title by proving their piety through obtaining a divine miracle bearing the name of Shayṭān that met the criteria of that which could swiftly and reliably bring death to its target. All of them, with the exception of The Hundred-Faced Hassan who had a qualifying in-born ability, modified their bodies to achieve their own miracles, earning them their titles. They are currently keeping their abilities as concealed "ultimate techniques", all with the name Zabaniya, for the purpose of taking down the other eighteen so that they can vie for the position of Leader of the Assassins.[1]

The techniques have not been passed down in history like regular Noble Phantasms, but instead because the Assassins themselves are a famous anecdote. Due to being the abilities that have established them as Assassins by virtue of being placed as the Old Man of the Mountain, the superhuman abilities they had in life are sublimated as their Noble Phantasms.[2] The No Name Assassin is noted to have copied eighteen of the techniques, accumulated into Phantasmal Pedigree, each which would take a lifetime to master for a regular person, by extensively modifying her body in only a matter of years, although lacking only Delusional Illusion, the Zabaniya of her compatriot also vying for the title. Although possessing the talent, strength, and fortitude to master the previous eighteen miracles in a matter of years, she was unable to innovate her own original miracle, so she was rejected as the next grandmaster for that reason and that they feared her ability in so quickly mastering the other miracles.

Cyber PhantasyEdit

Zabaniya: Cyber Phantasy (空想電脳ザバーニーヤ, Kūsō Den'nōZabānīya?) is the ability of the Assassin summoned during the Third Holy Grail War of Fuyuki. Upon contact between an enemy's head and one of Assassin's hands, it turns the target's brain into gunpowder, causing it to explode and destroy the upper half of their body. He utilizes poisonous needles and his small stature to catch his opponents off-guard to touch his left hand to their foreheads. No Name Assassin also possesses the ability through Phantasmal Pedigree.

Dead Heartbeat MelodyEdit

Zabaniya: Dead Heartbeat Melody (亡奏心音ザバーニーヤ, Mōsō Shin'onZabānīya?) is an ability possessed by the Assassin Class Card of the Fifth Ainsworth Holy Grail War. It is Installed and utilized by Shinji Matou. It allows, through a yet unknown method, for the user to pierce a peculiarly shaped hole in their target by holding their hand up to their chest.

Delusional HeartbeatEdit

English | Japanese

"Overflow with anguish――"


Zabaniya: Delusional Heartbeat (妄想心音ザバーニーヤ, Mōsō Shin'onZabānīya?) is the ability used by the Assassin summoned in the Fifth Holy Grail War of Fuyuki. No Name Assassin also possesses the ability through Phantasmal Pedigree. It is the arm of the evil spirit Shayṭān, the cursing hand of the Middle East magecraft specialized in curses that curses humans to death.[3][4] It takes the place of his right arm, which he normally keeps wrapped in cloth, making it seem like a useless appendage without a hand. After removing the cloth, he reveals that the "clubbed stump" of the arm is actually the elbow, and the arm itself is folded back and sewn to his shoulder. Once unleashed, it rips away from his flesh and flaps like a "one-winged spear." The arm's ability is one of the purest magics and simplest curses but of an extremely high level. It creates a mirror image of the heart of the assassination target with an ether clump, a dual existence that resonates with the original one. By crushing the fake heart, he can crush the real one with this curse without laying a finger on it.[3][4] It is also possible to switch the two existences by touching the target's chest, allowing Assassin to devour the heart and gain the opponent's intelligence. It may not mean instant death to some opponents, allowing for the chance of a final counterattack before death.[5]


Assassin's arm while wrapped under its cloth

The ability completely neutralizes all physical barriers and armors by only interacting with the fake heart, meaning that all physical defense and distance is rendered meaningless. It would simply bypass an armor with a defensive rating of one thousand and directly deal damage. The way to resist the curse does not fall under Endurance, but rather, the target must simply stay out of Assassin’s range, have a high enough Mana statistic to prevent the overlaying existence from even being created, or have a high enough Luck to avoid it without any problem. It can be considered a convoluted and indirect way of killing a target, only fitting for an assassination, that is more akin to a trick used by a magician[6][7] The ability, bearing the name of the angels of hell, "Zabaniya", is only able to target and punish humans by cursing them to death.[4][8] It is unable to curse its own kind, rendering it ineffective against evil spirits or those affected by their curses. When used against Kirei Kotomine, whose heart is under the curse of Angra Mainyu, Assassin simply feels no solid response from the ether clump, as if the heart is empty.[3]

Unlike other Hassans, Cursed Arm himself possesses no special talent, so he obtains this ability by sacrificing his right arm to a demon god, sealing said demon in his arm in the process.

Delusional IllusionEdit

English | Japanese

"We as a group is an individual, and the individual, a group. The group's innumerable shadows possesses a hundred faces. Now..."


Zabaniya: Delusional Illusion (妄想幻像ザバーニーヤ, Mōsō GenzōZabānīya?) is the ability used by The Hundred-Faced Hassan, who was the Assassin summoned during the Fourth Holy Grail War of Fuyuki. It is an Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm that targets Assassin himself rather than an opponent. Assassin is a single entity, but he possesses a compartmentalized soul and multiple personalities that allow him to divide his spiritual potential to materialize up to eighty different Servants. Though limited by his physical body during life, his thousand souls are now free of such limitations as a spiritual entity, and as each segment can materialize as an individual, they can all be materialized simultaneously in different shapes.


The Assassins prepare for a suicide charge.

Each one is its own separate entity, and the only shared characteristics are their skull masks, black cloaks and race. Their body sizes can be giant, slim, short as children, and some can even be women. They each have their own will, personality, strengths, and weaknesses, and although they are against unnecessary sacrifice, losing one without a specific strength does not directly affect the whole of the others more than losing a finger, but that individual along with their characteristics and abilities will vanish and not be restored to Assassin as a whole.[11] There are those who are impatient glory-hounds who ignore orders like fools, and individuals who are terrible at ambushes despite being assassins. It is possible to produce egos that are not aware of themselves, such as the Child Assassin, that are not counted among the eighty divided Servants. All existences of Assassin are equal, none of them created or designated as a superior or subordinate of one another nor is any a "real form" or a "offshoot" of the whole.[11] Despite any drawbacks, if one can comprehend their characteristics and apply their skills in the right situations, Assassin can be a very dangerous Servant.[12]

This ability allows for Kirei Kotomine and Tokiomi Tohsaka to make the other Masters in the war believe that Assassin was decisively killed by sacrificing one of the bodies. They can be split up for reconnaissance, but they have to directly speak to each other to communicate information and decide on orders as they are not connected by telepathy or other similar connections.[11] If the Master has the ability to see through his or her Servant's eyes, he is limited to a single Assassin at any one time. If they are separated on numerous different assignments, it can take up to ten minutes to summon them all together in one spot. Due to the potential of the spirit being that of only one person, the abilities of the Assassins produced by the division is extremely low, reaching the lowest point of the capabilities of Servants. As his statistics are divided among the bodies, it means that they are unable to match any Heroic Spirits in direct combat, nor does it allow him to equal a small army. Though not suitable for combat, their abilities are unparalleled in terms of spying and gathering recon as their Presence Concealment Skill, the inherent Skill of the Assassin class, will not decline in effectiveness. By making maximum use of this, they can transform into an excellent and extraordinary intelligence system.[11] Their high numbers do allow for a final resort strategy to kill an opponent's Master or Servant by sacrificing the greater whole in order to overwhelm the opponent with pure numbers.

During life, he was the only Hassan without the need to modify his body in any way. Though his strength was typical, he had a special ability, taking advantage of his affliction of Multiple Personality Disorder, allowing him to change his body freely with his mind to disguise himself as a man, woman, child, or an elder to act as an assassin without a true identity. He was able to change his personality solely based on the situation, allowing him to confuse opponents, weave webs of defense, and kill them with unexpected and unpredictable methods all while hiding his true identity completely. He had a repertoire of abilities allowing him to act as a master assassin capable of doing anything by switching abilities depending on the requirements of his assignments. He had impressive skills in planning and tactics, knowledge of all languages of other countries, the ability to identify poisons and set traps, and on occasions displayed the capability to utilize strange strength and agility to use illusionary, long forgotten fighting styles. Other skills employed by the Assassins include impersonating Toyotomi Hideyoshi and chick sexing.[13]

In the world of Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA, the ability is deteriorated down to Rank C+, so the maximum number of bodies that can be created is limited. When using it to Include, the item used to include will become a decoy in the exact image of the user. In the case of Magical Ruby, it can continue to act in the user's place. The user is concealed at the same time, and they will be revealed after the decoy is destroyed.[10]

Delusional Poison BodyEdit

English | Japanese

“Accept the master's orders."
"Hot... Hot... I will openly melt... and thoroughly burn your body and mind."


Zabaniya: Delusional Poison Body (妄想毒身ザバーニーヤ, Mōsō DokushinZabānīya?) is the ability possessed by the Hassan of Serenity, an attempt by the Order to replicate the Indian Visha Kanya (Poison Girl). It is her own body, instantly killing those who touch her. It is said that this Hassan possessed the power to spread this deadly poison on the wind, wiping out entire armies if necessary, but also lacking in the capacity to discern friend from foe, making it equally devastating to her allies. No Name Assassin also possesses the ability through Phantasmal Pedigree.

Febrile InspirationEdit

Zabaniya: Febrile Inspiration (断想体温ザバーニーヤ, Dansō TaionZabānīya?) is an ability of one of the first eighteen Hassan-i-Sabbah. No Name Assassin also possesses the ability through Phantasmal Pedigree. It allows for the hardening of the body.

Ichor of ReverieEdit

Zabaniya: Ichor of Reverie (夢想髄液ザバーニーヤ, Musō ZuiekiZabānīya?) is an ability of one of the first eighteen Hassan-i-Sabbah. No Name Assassin also possesses the ability through Phantasmal Pedigree. It allows for the use of an extremely high-pitch "song" that disorients the targets' brains and scrambles their Magic Circuits. It can instantly kill nine magi actively preparing spells by forcing them to incinerate themselves. It can also be focused on a single target, forcing even a Servant onto their knees with this disorientation ability.

Meditative SensitivityEdit

Zabaniya: Meditative Sensitivity (瞑想神経ザバーニーヤ, Meisō ShinkeiZabānīya?) is an ability of one of the first eighteen Hassan-i-Sabbah. No Name Assassin also possesses the ability through Phantasmal Pedigree. It allows for the honing of senses to extreme levels. Differing from the other Zabaniya techniques able to be faithfully reproduced by No Name Assassin, Meditative Sensitivity is unique in that it cannot be connected to any of the Hassans outside of stories telling of one using the technique, so it is impossible to say if its usage by her is correct or if the technique was even used by one of the previous masters.

Phantasmal PedigreeEdit

Zabaniya: Phantasmal Pedigree (幻想血統ザバーニーヤ, Gensō KettōZabānīya?) is the ability possessed by No Name Assassin. It is a combination of all eighteen Zabaniya techniques from before her generation, only missing Delusional Illusion from the same generation as her. Some of the techniques are either stronger or weaker than the originals.

  • Delusional Heartbeat - Differing in that she has not replaced one of her own arms, she has a red third arm emerge from her back that performs the ability in the same manner as the original.
  • Delusional Poison Body - Compared to the Hassan of Serenity who could poison entire armies, No Name Assassin limited the concentration of poison to affect only her body so as to keep her from harming her allies and innocent people.
  • Cyber Phantasy - Upon activation, her shoulders begin to warp while producing a wet, aberrant sound, allowing her to move her left arm at an abnormal angle behind her body. Gently touching her opponent's head causes their head to erupt into flames and splatter like a bomb has been set off.
  • Ichor of Reverie - Improved from the original, the sound can be focused onto a single target to force a normal Servant to their knees or to control the brain of a normal human.
  • Meditative Sensitivity - Due to the fact that she could not confirm its usage, she recreated the technique based on stories only, so she does not know if the technique is correct or even if one of the past leaders really used it in life.
  • Febrile Inspiration
  • Raving Shadow Flash

Raving Shadow FlashEdit

Zabaniya: Raving Shadow Flash (狂想閃影ザバーニーヤ, Kyōsō Sen'eiZabānīya?) is an ability of one of the first eighteen Hassan-i-Sabbah. No Name Assassin also possesses the ability through Phantasmal Pedigree. It allows for the manipulation of one's hair to be used as a cutting tool. The Hassan who created the technique displayed enough prowess to make their strands as thin as spider silk and decapitate the target from many kilometers away without detection.


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