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Noble Phantasm
Zeus Thunder
Japanese name: ゼウス・ファンダー
Title: God's Blessing
Japanese title: 神の祝福
Transliteration: Kami no Shukufuku
Owner: Rider
Type: Anti-Unit
Rank: C
Range: -
Maximum number of targets: 1 person

Zeus Thunder: God's Blessing (神の祝福ゼウス・ファンダー, Kami no ShukufukuZeusu Fandā?) is the Noble Phantasm embodying Iskander's self-recognition as being the child of Zeus. Using Zeus's lightning, it strengthens his body, increases his Divinity, and lowers his Rosy-cheeked Adonis skill. Used as a child, it brought him to his muscular state as an adult.


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